TRP HY/RD Road Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper Black With Rotor

by TRP

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TRP HY/RD Road Hydraulic Disc Brake
The HY/RD is the latest iteration of our industry-leading efforts to bring hydraulic performance to the developing road/cross disc market. Using an open hydraulic system it’s compatible with new cable actuated Shimano and SRAM road shift levers.
The added bonus is that this brake is compatible with Shimano M525/M515 pads, which allows for multiple pad compounds to be used.


True 'plug-and-play' compatibility with existing cable actuated systems
Hydraulic reservoir provides automatic pad wear adjustment
Includes Brakes Caplier, Front Rotor and IS PM Adaptor
TRP's own semi-metallic pad. Calipers are also compatible with Shimano M525/M515 pads
Easy adjustment and set up
Weight: 205g per caliper

TRP-29 Slotted Front Rotor 160mm
TRP's new slotted rotor is designed for the most demanding riders in the most demanding conditions. Six recessed slots create channels to allow water, mud, and other debris trapped between the pad and rotor to escape during braking. When debris gets trapped between the pad and rotor braking power is dramatically reduced, these recessed slots maintain a more consistent brake feeling in mixed conditions.

Six slots to remove water, mud, and debris
Single piece design for weight savings
Compatible with 6 bolts hub
Weight: 117g (160mm)


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