Nightpro Bicycle Bike Head Front LED Light 3W/80lm


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Range :LED 3W 80 lm
Power: Up to 30 Lux (@10 meter, 39.4") light output
Distance: More than 60m, 236") radiating distance
Power Management: High/Low/Flash/Steady power management
Burn time: More than 4 hours (>10 Lux @ 10m, 39.4")
Material: Aluminium alloy housing provides high impact resistance
Anti-Shock: AE 575e vibration/shock test 8 hours passed
Colour: RED
Mounting Type: Handlebar quick release for friendly use Max handle bar diameter: 31.8mm
Waterproof: IP-X4 resistance test 8 hours passed (100% waterproof)
Power: Powered by 3x AA Alkaline batteries and compatible with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Manual: Included
Mounting: Included
Batteries: 3x Duracell AA Included
Battery pack: One pack included
Low Battery: Red warning about 30 mins
Place of made: Taiwan
Weight:300g, 10 oz / Set (Including Batteries)
Warranty: One year