Alexrims 700c Road Bike Wheelset For Sram Shimano 11 Speed ALX210

by Alexrims



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ALX210 is perfect performance upgrade for your entry level road bike.

And in keeping with Fulcrum® tradition, a change of name means better performance: the new milled rim is of a higher standard and the weight is set at 3343g 7.37 lb.
Thanks to the straight-head spokes and oversize hub, the wheel is also extremely reliable and reactive and can be put to full use on any race track or for long cycling trips with friends. - See more at:

24mm deep aero design
Stainless steel BLK spokes
20h front wheel – radial lacing
24h rear wheel – 2 cross lacing
Precision ball bearings
Compatible with 8, 9, 10 & 11 spd
Weight:  3343g 7.37 lb
Package: Front and Back Wheels with Hubs & QR
Warranty: One Year


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