BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle 16-Notch 39mm External Bottom Bracket Install Removal Tool - compatible with Shimano XTR BB93, Dura-Ace BB9000, BB-R9100 & Other 16-Notch Bottom Bracket Cups


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WHAT’S THIS FOR: For installing and removing 16-notch external bearing bottom bracket cups with an outside diameter of 39mm.
COMPATIBILITY: Shimano XTR BB93, Dura-Ace BB9000 and BB-R9100 bottom brackets. Also fits other 16-notch 39mm bottom bracket cups.
WHAT PAIRS WITH THIS: Compatible with a 1/2” drive wrench or a 24mm open-ended shifter spanner. Recommend using a 1/2" drive wrench with ratcheting handles or torque wrench for better installation.
QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of precision CNC machined aluminium alloy which makes this tool more durable and “bottom bracket friendly”. Weight: 75g=0.16lbs.


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