BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Front Wheel Riser Stabiliser - NOT A Parking Stand - Accessory ONLY




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FUNCTION: An accessory to hold the front wheel for any kinds of floor parking stand to keep the front wheel aligned with the frame and rear wheel, which helps with making the bike storage or display neat and tidy. This can also be used as a front wheel riser for your indoor bicycle trainer. PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A BIKE STAND. To use this product, A BIKE STAND IS REQUIRED.
UNIVERSAL WHEEL COMPATIBILITY: V-groove profile design with a maximum 105mm opening, fitting almost all sizes of bike wheels in the groove firmly.
ANTI-SLIP: 4 non-slip rubber blocks to increase the friction, holding the bikes steadily.
SPECS: Opening: 105mm/4.1". Length: 143mm/5.6". Height: 87mm/3.4". Width: 87mm/3.4".
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