CyclingDeal Bicycle Pedals’ Cages Cleats Adapters Removal Tool - Compatible with Peloton Pedals’ Cages LOOK Delta KEO for Shimano SPD-SL and Venzo Brand Spin Bike Pedals

by CyclingDeal

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WHAT’S THIS FOR: Finally, we have developed this creative cage removal tool for Peloton pedals. (Patent No. 17/165,840). This handy tool makes the experience for the Peloton riders to take off the pedals’ cages much smoother and safer. It will bring huge convenience to you if you share Peloton bikes with someone who sticks with Peloton clip-less pedals. This tool can be used on Shimano SPD-SL Platform adapters as well.
COMPATIBILITY: This awesome tool is compatible with LOOK Delta, KEO, Shimano SPD-SL systems. NOT RECOMMENDED to use this tool on a Shimano SPD, LOOK KEO Classic 3 or Blade.
HANDS-FRIENDLY: It is very easy to use the tool using the anti-slippery tool handles. The quality springs and handle lockable function are excellent additional features.
HIGH-QUALITY: The pins are made of high quality and very strong heat-treated steel. Handles are made of high enforced engineering plastic.


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