CyclingDeal Folding Bike Travel Case for Brompton ONLY - Bicycle Pro Transport Equipment Air Flights Hard Case Box - Made of Lightweight & Durable EVA Material

by CyclingDeal

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COMPATIBILITY: The travel case is exclusively designed for Brompton folding bikes. Interior dimension - L: 61cm/24", W: 62cm/24.4", H: 28cm/11"; Exterior dimension - L: 64cm/25.2", W: 31cm/12.2", H: 63cm/24.8". Case Net Weight: 5.4 kg/ 11.9 lbs.
ULTIMATE PROTECTION: This case has copious quantities of foam padding to protect your Brompton. Moreover, this hard-shell case not only guards your bicycle with maximum protection but also makes your outfit look more stylish.
EASY TO USE: This case is very straightforward, so you can easily pack your bike in a second. Fastened straps are included on the inside and outside of the case to get your bike parts and accessories organised and protect your bicycle parts with extra security. The excellent quality wheels secure your travelling more smoothly and effortlessly. The telescoping handle on the top of the case helps you move the case more flexibly.
QUALITY MATERIAL: Quality EVA material forms the case under 200-degree heat, the surface thickness is 1cm, and the hardness (Hs) is up to 80. It is high impact strength with good tear and abrasion resistance.


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