CyclingDeal Multi-Function Bike Toe Clip Cages ONLY - Compatible with Peloton Look Delta Shimano SPD & SPD-SL - Adjustable Pedal Adapters for Indoor Exercise Bike - Ride with Sneakers

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【FUNCTION I & II】: Mount the toe cages on the back of the Peloton pedals directly by using the adapters included in the package. Please note: The adapter is compatible with Peloton pedals ONLY (Peloton pedals are NOT included). You can also mount the toe cages with road bike pedals cleats, which are compatible with LOOK Delta, Keo and Shimano SPD-SL (The road bike pedals and cleats are NOT Included). Please watch the video in our product listing for more details.
【FUNCTION III & IV】: Mount the toe cages with Shimano MTB SPD cleats, compatible with Shimano SPD system (The SPD Pedals Cleats are Not included). To ride with normal shoes like sneakers on the Shimano clipless pedals, the toe cages can also be used as a Shimano SPD-SL pedal plate adapter, easy and convenient! (The SPD-SL Cleats are not included). Again, please watch the video in our product listing for more details.
【GREAT FOR SPIN BIKES】: Just tighten and clip the toe cages with a range of different pedals and cleats, you are ready to exercise with your sneakers or runners on your spin bikes with these multi-functional toe cages. Together, you can have more fun by sharing riding with your families or friends. Patented design toe cages, US PAT. 17/339, 910. In addition, the cages are made of enhanced engineering heavy-duty plastic which is specially designed to use on spin bikes.
【FORWARD & BACKWARD ADJUSTABLE】: This set of toe cages not only have adjustable straps but also allows you to adjust the toe clip position to fit different feet sizes. It will always make sure your feet are at the right position on the pedal regardless of your feet size. Quality grips on the bottom and nylon straps on the top will provide the exact level of tightness to let your feet stick to the pedal. The maximum adjustment range is 15 mm. Cage size L: 170mm to 185mm. Platform W: 90mm.


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