VENZO All Bike Bicycle Mountain or Road Tubeless Kit Sealant


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2 x 60ml Bottles Venzo Sealant Glue
2 x F/V valves
1 x 3M Tape (Please choose width and thickness)

Recommended amount for 1 x Mountain bike wheel tubeless or inner-tube:
60-120 mL for XC and CX wheels
120-180 mL for AM, FR and DH tyres

Benefits Of Tubeless Systems:

Saves you hundreds of dollars in comparison to the purchase of a dedicated tubeless system
Reduces weight where it's most important - at the outside of the wheel
Offers better protection against flats and no snake bites (pinch flats)
Decreases rolling resistance so you go faster with less effort
Allows riding with reduced air pressure for increased traction without fear of snake bites
Reduced tube consumption is better for the environment

For effective puncture resistance, add fresh sealant every 3-6 months depending on quantity and weather conditions. 2 60ml bottle is good for 1-2 Mountain bike wheels depending on circumstances. Always apply sealant when the valve is at the 8 o'clock position.

One size fits all kit to convert MTB rims and tyres to Tubeless
Natural plant extracts
Instant Seal up to 6 mm piercing
Stops wall-bleeding (air leak from the thin side walls)
Fits all MOUNTAIN rims | 26". 27.5" or 29" up to 40 mm inner-width
Harmless to Rims and Perfect for people with allergies, or sensitivity to latex, protein or ammonium
Designed to secure the tyre inside the rim with no loss of air from the rim
New nanofiber technologyDoes not create a sticky substance build-up in the tyre
Do not inflate with C02 cylinders
Best inflated with floor pump or air compressor (avoid using mini-pump)
Functions well in a wide range of temperatures (-40ºC - +55ºC)
Appropriate for a wide range of air pressures (15PSI - 100PSI)
Compatible with Mountain bike Tubeless, Tubeless Ready, Tubeless conversion and Inner Tubes
Bottle size: 60mL (2 x bottles supplied)

Recommended Use:
Tubeless Ready
Tubeless Conversion
Inner Tube


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