Venzo Bike Bicycle Repair Storage Mechanic Alloy Work Stand Rack with Work Tray


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Easy to install and use
There are only two parts of whole product: main body and grabber, the installation will be super easy for you to attach your bike without any complicated process, which only need to put grabber into the main body then lock with the quick release and that's it! no tool required in the installation.

Fit any size bike
You can simply attach any size of bike on it with the quick release which only takes few second for the process, and detachment too.

Height and Rotation adjustment
Adjustment gain more flexibility to fit any kind of work place and situation, and Venzo just did it well, which support height range from 120cm to 170cm and 360-degree rotation for any angle you want.

Solid as rock
2 strong and stable 69cm long legs supply solid support for whole stand and bike, also which can be folded next to its body for storage by quick release lock.


    Include Multi-tool tray
    The clamp is suitable for frame tubing from 25mm to 40mm diameter.
    Material: Alloy
    Finish: black epoxy powder coating
    Weight: 5.41kg = 11.92lbs


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