Wireless Bike Bicycle Cycle Computer With Cadence Heart Rate CY-533HC

by Bion



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Free Shipping USA Wide
Great wireless computer (No wire needed)
BION is the OEM factory for CATEYE
Brand new in retail packaging
Big display screen and numbers for easy reading
High quality Shock proof and water proof
Wireless (No wire needed)
Fit any Bike fork size any handle bar size up to 31.6mm
Including all accessories (Transmitter Receiver Brackets Magnet Batteries)
Made in Taiwan
One year warranty
High Frequency Digital Coded (Dual Wireless)
33 Functions
Dual wheel size
Actual Temperature
Current Speed
Speed comparison up/down arrow(AVG_SPD)
Stop watch
TIMER Count(Up/Down)
Trip time
Average Speed
Maximum Speed
Total Riding time(Bike1&Bike2)
Total Riding time(Bike1+Bike2)
Trip Count(Up/Down)
Trip Distance
Total Distance(ODO1&ODO2)
Total ODO(ODO1 + ODO2)
Current Heart Rate
High/Low Arrow to Show High Limit or Low-Limit
Average Heart Rate
Maximum Heart Rate
Maximum Heart Rate %
HR Total Time
HR Time In Zone
HR Time Over Zone
HR Time Below Zone
Current Cadence
Average Cadence
Maximum Cadence
Total Cadence (Bike1 & Bike2)
Total Cadence (Bike1 + Bike2)


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