DNM Damping 3 System Mountain Bike Air Rear Shock Rebound / Lock out / Air Pressure Adjustable AL 7005 Shark/AL 6061 Shock Body 165mm (6.5") x 35mm 190mm (7.48") x 50mm 200mm (7.87") x 55mm

by DNM

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Front Forks, Shock Absorber Manufacturer
Carrying on 2008 experience, we are mainly focus on Snowmobile & ATV market in Russia area, Bicycle field in Brazil. Look ahead into the future, other than the products we have developed so far, we will also be developing other suspension related products. We hope that with our outstanding products (such as front forks, shock absorber..)and its excellent quality, we will continue to lead this market in the future.
  • Weight: 320g =0.75lbs (165x35mm)
  • Available Size: 165x35mm ; 170x40mm; 190x50mm
  • Eye to Eye: 165mm=6.5' 170mm=6.69' 190mm=7.83'
  • Travel: 35mm=1.38' 40mm=1.57' 50mm=1.97‚Äú
  • Hole: 8mmx24mm
  • Damping: 3 System
  • Adjustments: Rebound, Lockout, Adjust High Pressure
  • Damper Shaft: Steel
  • Valve Angle: 30 Degree
  • Shock Body: Dark Hard Anodized Aluminum 6061
  • Spring: Air Spring
  • Intended Use: All Mountain, Freeride, Downhill
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Warranty: One year


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