CyclingDeal 16g or 25g Threaded CO2 Cartridges Refills for Bike Bicycle Pump CO2 Inflator Heads - Great Refill for Mountain or Road Bikes Tires - 20g Threaded, Pack of 20

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Pack of 20

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TIME SAVING & EFFORTLESS: CO2 inflators are the devices designed to inject CO2 gas (via CO2 cartridges) into your bicycle tires. Those 20g threaded CO2 cartridges are high pressure. It only takes a few seconds to release the whole bottle of gas. Also great for inflating a tubeless tire.
PORTABLE: CO2 inflators are so light and compact, easy to carry around in your saddle bag, backpack, attached on bottle cage holes & under saddles (with special adaptors).
PRECISELY THREADED: Well threaded cartridges would match the high quality inflator heads perfectly. It ensures that the cartridge could be screwed right to the end of the CO2 inflator head where the pin punches a hole.
STRICT QC: We understand how sad you feel when you need them. Every Cartridge is weighted before packing in the factory!


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