CyclingDeal 3-6 Bikes Floor Type Parking Rack Stand - for Mountain MTB Road Bicycles Indoor Garage Storage

by CyclingDeal

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STABLE & DURABLE: We have redesigned our value bike floor rack. The unique two holding plates with tire grooves are at an optimized holding angle. This fantastic feature ensures bikes are vertically held in the bike stands. Please insert your bikes in different directions in order to fit your bikes on the stand. For example, park the first bike with the front wheel and the second one with the back wheel. Or please reverse one or more bike holder(s), so the bikes can be inserted from both sides if there is a large space.
STRONG & RELIABLE: The stand is made of quality steel with a long-lasting powder-coated black finish. It is recommended to be used indoors only. The front and back plate holding system prevents the upholder from becoming wider. The wide holder will affect the bike's holding stability.
EASY TO USE: The bike stand holders are all linked together, so the stand is heavier and more solid than a single bike stand. Please watch our detailed instruction video in the listing.


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