Bike Cycling Backpack with Indicator Lights

by CyclingDeal

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Of course, the direction and emergency signals are the most useful and important, since the rider does not have to raise his hand in order to indicate his moving direction, which, understandably, could be very risky. BIKEMAN backpack allows cyclists to trigger variety displays including indicators, stop signal and even their own customized messages to remind particularly irritating drivers. It escorts your safety no matter in terrible weather or at night.
Backpack size: 5L, 370mm*220mm*100mm Included
Backpack Material: Nylon/Dacron
Colour: Orange
Wireless Control Light-up
Backpack indicate USB charger included
Waterproof: Transmitter's Waterproof Grade IPX-5
Weight: 380g = 0.85lbs
Warranty: One year


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