BIKEHAND 34 in 1 Complete Bike Bicycle Repair Tools Tool Kit YC-758


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Bike Hand advanced mechanic tool kit includes 33 items:
Chain Scrubber (YC-790)
Hub Cone Spanner 13/14/15/16/17/18mm (YC-658-13-18)
Adjustable Chain Remover (YC-324SC)
Freewheel Remover (YC-126-2AL)
Freewheel Turner/Pedal Wrench (YC-515)
Chain Ring Nut Wrench (YC-271)
Spoke Wrench 0.127" = 3.2mm (YC-1R-1)
Spoke Wrench 0.130" = 3.3mm (YC-1R-2)
Spoke Wrench 0.136" = 3.5mm (YC-1R-3)
Flat / Philips Screwdriver (YC-611)
Flat Screwdriver (YC-612)
Master Link Tool (YC-355CO)
Cable Cutter (YC-767)
Dust Cap Wrench (YC-27)
Ball-End Hex Key Wrench 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm (YC-623)
Chain Wear Indicator (YC-503)
Torque wrench YC- 637 ( 0-10 Nm) + Bits ( T10 T25 2 2.5 3 4 5 6 8 PH2)
Bottom Bracket Wrench for Hollowtech II BB, BB-9000, BBR60 and FSA Mega Evo (YC-307BB)
Chain Hook (YC-207)
8mm/10mm Spanner (YC-151 -8-10mm)
9mm/11mm Spanner (YC-151 -9-11mm)
Patch Kit (YC-123)
Crank Puller (Yc-215CB)
Cartridge BB Tool (YC-26BB-1A)
Dual Functions Wrench (YC-172)
Metal Tire Lever, Length: 202mm (YC-3125)


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