BIKEHAND Bicycle Chain Wear Indicator Tool Chain Checker - Compatible with Shimano Sram Campagnolo KMC & Other Brands for 7 to 12 Speed Chains - Maintenance for Road, Mountain & Hybrid Bikes


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COMPATIBILITY: This chain checker is designed to accurately measure when the chain reaches a .75% or 1.0% stretch and decide the necessity of chain replacement. Compatible with 7 to 12 Speed Chains including Shimano Sram Campagnolo KMC and other brands.
EASY OPERATION: Simply place the checker onto a segment of the chain then see whether the chain checker lies completely flat on the chain. If so, replace the chain. However, the chain is still good to use if the chain checker sticks upright at the 0.75% end.
PRO QUALITY AND COMPACT: This precision laser-cut tool is well built and constructed with pro-quality material, forethought, and care for longevity and is easy to store. If you are still looking for a chain checker, this 2-in-1 chain wear indicator tool will satisfy your need and is undoubtedly the right choice for you! Length: 140mm/5.51inches. Weight: 32.8g/0.07lbs.
WHY YOU SHOULD GO FOR IT: As a consequence of the chain wear, increased wear of expensive rear cogs and chainrings will eventually appear. Therefore, routine checking for chain wear can prevent problems with shifting performance, and getting the worn-out parts replaced is more economical than a full change and saves bucks efficiently.


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