BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Crank Bolt Remover Install Wrench - Features a 14mm Socket & an 8mm Hex - Extra Long Handle - Compatible with Mountain & Road Bikes


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WHAT’S IT FOR: The first thing is to remove the crank bolt off the crank arm when you need to either get the crank arm replaced or repaired, and this tool is specifically designed for that! What is more, the 8mm hex can also be used for removing and installing bike pedals that feature an 8mm hex bolt axle.
EASY OPERATION: To make the crank bolt easily drive out by loosening the bolt counterclockwise with this amazing wrench. This versatile tool is compatible with the square taper crank bolt and suitable for most mountain and road bikes from speeds 7 to 12.
MADE TO LAST: The tool body is made of durable heat-treated steel which prevents it from bending and wearing off through years of use, while the long cushioned handle will provide a secure and comfortable grip as well as better leverage for removing those stubborn bolts.
HAVE IT NOW: Crank arms used with a loose bolt are the most persistent problem that will result in movement and wear between the spindle and crank. Therefore, it can strand the rider and easily destroy the crank arms which are quite expensive! So make your purchase now and save your bucks efficiently as this tool is a great investment for bike maintenance.


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