BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle 2 in 1 External Notch Lockring Install Removal Tool with 15/16mm Cone Spanner Pedal Wrench



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LOCKRING WRENCH: Fits 32-35mm head-gear lockings which can be found on fixed-gear rear cogs, single speed cassette hubs, adjustable cup-and-cone bottom brackets, and some mid-drive e-bike motor lockrings.
PEDAL WRENCH: 15mm wrench is designed specifically for installing and removing bicycle pedals without scratching the crank arms.
CONE SPANNER: 15mm/16mm wrench can be used as a cone spanner. This wrench is designed to adjust the cone-shaped hubs of bicycle wheels, making it an essential tool for bicycle bike riders in professional workshop.
QUALITY & SPECS: High quality steel constructed for improved functionality and long time using. Length: 155mm/6.1". Material: Steel. Weight: 93g.
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