BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Chain Wear Checker, Quick Master Link Pliers & Chain Breaker Rivet Tool – Professional Chain Tool Kit for Road, Mountain, and Hybrid Bikes




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CHAIN CHECKER: This precision laser-cut chain checker is designed to accurately measure when the chain reaches a .75% or 1.0% stretch and decide the necessity of chain replacement. Place the checkers onto a segment of the chain then see whether the chain checker lies completely flat on the chain. If so, replace the chain. Compatible with 7 to 12 Speed Chains including Shimano Sram Campagnolo KMC and other brands.
CHAIN RIVET TOOL: A professional tool that can effortlessly install and remove the chain rivet without damaging the chain, features a spare driving pin. The precision-designed pin screws into the chain, with an adjustable clamp that suits chains of various widths, and a steel-constructed body with a contoured cushioned handle. Compatible with any bicycle chain, from a single speed up to 12 Speed and half-link single-speed chains.
MASTER LINK PLIERS: This tool is made to easily remove and assemble the master link by inserting it into the master link and then squeezing it with the handle to close(dissemble) or open (tighten)the link. There will be no difficulty for stiff, corroded, or tough links when used. Compatible with 5 to 12 Speed chains that use a master link, including brands such as SRAM, AXS, and Shimano.
WHY YOU SHOULD GO FOR IT: All the tools are well built and constructed with pro-quality material, and forethought, and are truly exceptional in attention to detail. The wear of rear cogs and chainrings will be increased as the chain wears. Therefore, routine checking for chain wear and replacing the chain can prevent problems with shifting performance. If you are still looking for chain replacement tools, this versatile combo will satisfy your need and is undoubtedly the best choice for you!


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