BIKEHAND Complete 37 Piece Bike Bicycle Repair Tools Tool Kit YC-748


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1.5 2 2.5 3 4 5 6 8 10mm Hex Wrench Set
Freehub Lockring tool for Shimano / some Campagnolo bottom brackets
Bottom Bracket Tool installation and removal of Shimano Hollowtech II external B.B. and BB-9000
Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool (for 20 tooth internal splines such as Shimano® FSA® etc.)
Shimano Crank Arm Dust Cap Tool
Truvativ Isis Drive Bottom Bracket Tool
Chain Checker Chain Wear Indicator
Crank Puller for Splined Octalink? ISIS Drive® and square-taper type
8 and 10mm Open End Wrench
12 and 14mm Open End Wrench
Synthetic Blend Bearing Grease
Bike Hand Chain Cleaner with Clip
Chain Cleaner Brush
Cassette / cog Cleaner
Cable Cutter
Chainring Nut Wrench
Professional Screw Type Chain Tool with extra chain pin
Patch Kit with patches and cement
Professional Pedal Wrench 14 15 16 17mm
13mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
14mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
15mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
16mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
17mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
18mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
19mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
30 / 32mm head set wrench
36 /40mm head set wrench
T25 Torx head wrench
Shop Screwdriver #2 Phillips
Shop Screwdriver Straight Blade 6mm tips
Chain Whip and Freewheel/Lockring Wrench
Red Professional Spoke Wrench
Black Professional Spoke Wrench
Green Professional Spoke Wrench
Tire Levers
Made in Taiwan
Warranty: One Year


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