BIKEHAND Quality Bike Bicycle Repair Maintenance 22pcs Tool Set Kit


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Includes 18 items:

  • Chain rivet extractor (YC-336) for 7-11 speed Shimano chain compatible, extra pin
  • Dust cap wrench (YC-27)
  • Chain ring nut wrench (YC-271)
  • Flat 5mm/Phillips screwdriver (YC-611)
  • 8mm hex key wrench 1/2" adaptor (YC-812LE)
  • Flat screwdriver 3mm (YC-612)
  • Tire lever set (YC-305D)
  • YC-T20, YC-T25, YC-T30
  • Hex key wrench 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm (YC-613-BK)
  • 3 Size bottom bracket wrench for shimano hollowtech II BB, BBR60 and BB9000 (YC-307BB) 
  • Freewheel and pedal wrench (YC-515) 15mm x 2, 11 speed cassette compatible
  • Freewheel tool (YC-126-1A) 
  • Cartridge bottom bracket tool (YC-26BB-1A)
  • Master link tool 2 way function (YC-335CO)
  • Chain hook (YC-207)
  • Crank puller with interchangeable adaptor, for shimano BB and ISIS drive (YC-215CB) 
  • Hub spanner 13/14mm (YC-257A)
  • Hub spanner 15/16mm (YC-257B)
  • Hub spanner 17/18mm (YC-257C)
  • Spoke wrench (YC-8F) Size: 3.2/3.3/3.5/4.0mm

Made in Taiwan
Warranty: One year


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