BIKEHAND Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand - For Mountain and Road Bike Indoor Outdoor Garage Storage - For Fat Tire Pack of 3


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This free-standing floor stand is great when you still need the flexibility to move your bike around, whether it’s in your garage, bike store or at a race. Patent design awarded.
Fully Adjustable: 2 pulleys design with adjustable position. Fits any bike with a wheel size from 24" to 29". Just a simple "slide in" and that's it! Including those fat bikes with 5.0" tires.
Either front or rear wheel slides in. Sitting in firmly to make the bike standing 100% stable. This rack only touches on the tyre, thus it’s great for any high-end bike. It brings no scratches on the bike’s frames, disc rotors, cassettes, etc.
Package: 1 bike holder. Required Assembly Tool Included. Solid Powder coated steel frame with rubber-protected base. Perfect for cement or timber floor.


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