Cane Creek Double Barrel Cs Air Mountain Bike Rear Shock 240 x 76mm 9.5" X 3.0"

by Cane Creek

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Cane Creek Double Barrel CS Air shock, 9.5"x 3.0" (240/76mm): Built on the Double Barrel legacy to become the first air-sprung rear shock featuring Twin Tube technology and 4-way independent adjustability combined with an unrivaled level of qualityEnables custom, rider-tuned damping performance, optimizing every bike for every riderTwo high-speed valves: one controls big hit compression and the other controls high-speed reboundTwo low-speed valves: one valve modulates small bump sensitivity and pedal platform and the other controls reboundNorglide DU bushings provide an ultra low friction interface between the bike and the shock mounts to increase sensitivity and durability

Weight: 509grams/1.1 lbs
Model: DB AIR XV Model
Hand Built in Fletcher, NC
Individually dyno-tested
4-Way independent adjustment - high and low-speed compression, high and low-speed rebound
Air spring customized for Double Barrel style damping
Spring: Air Spring
Eye to Eye: 240mm = 9.5 inch
Stroke: 76mm = 3 inch
Warranty: One year


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