CyclingDeal Cup Mug Water Bottle Holder Adjustable Bracket Mount Tray - for Indoor Exercise Bikes with Round Bars ONLY - Compatible with Peloton Bike & Bike+, NordicTrack - Install at Centre or Side

by CyclingDeal


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UNIQUE TWO-WAY MOUNTING: Let's say you and your family members are sharing one indoor exercise bike together and you all have different preferences about where to place your cup or water bottle at. Then we're very excited to say this cup holder is the product you've been looking for and will be the one you ever needed. Unlike all the other similar products in the market, our cup holder is available to be mounted at either the centre or side of a round handlebar. Patented Design, PAT.17/388, 017.
COMPATIBILITY: This cup holder fits indoor exercise bikes with round handlebars ONLY. The clamp size diameter is from 32mm to 40mm, and the cup holder is fully compatible with Peloton Bike, Peloton Bike + and NordicTrack. The height of the cup holder's tray is 3.4"/8.5cm and the fitting size of this cup holder is 3.2"/8.2cm in diameter. IMPORTANT: Please measure the diameter of your cup, mug or water bottle before making a purchase.
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Quick-Release clamp design for you to quickly mount this holder on the handlebar and detach or change the position of the holder in seconds. We've also designed some reserved space on the side of this cup holder tray to make sure those cups with handles could also fit with this holder.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: There's always gonna be a position of the holder that suits you the best. Fully rotatable and adjustable. A rubber shim is included for mounting on different sizes of handlebars. PLEASE NOTE that the rubber shim is NOT REQUIRED if it's installed at the centre on a Peloton Bike +. This cup holder tray will give your cup ultimate protection without worrying about your drinks would drip.


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