CyclingDeal 1.5-inch Pedal Blocks for Child & Adult Bicycles - One Pair - Bring the Pedals Closer to Rider - Secure & Comfortable Riding - Premium Quality

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REACH AND COMFORT: Introducing our incredible pedal blocks designed exclusively for your little ones! Elevate their riding adventure with ease as our innovative solution brings the pedals closer to their feet, ensuring optimum comfort and effortless operation. Each pedal block adds an extra height of 20mm/0.78 inches, providing a customizable solution that allows you to enhance children's overall riding experience and control.
COMPATIBILITY: Our versatile pedal blocks are designed for a wide range of bicycles, including kids' bikes, tricycles, and select adult bikes. With compatibility in mind, these blocks are the perfect fit for pedal sizes: maximum width of 80mm/3.1 inches; thickness ranging from 17mm to 35mm/0.6 to 1.4 inches. No matter the type of bike, you can trust our pedal blocks to deliver an exceptional riding experience for your little ones and beyond.
STAY SECURELY IN PLACE: Experience worry-free riding with our pedal blocks that are designed with a secure screw set mechanism. Once attached, these blocks stay firmly connected to the pedals, leaving no room for accidental slips or mishaps. Say goodbye to concerns about your children's feet slipping off or failing to engage with the pedals fully. Moreover, our pedal blocks provide a perfect grip that ensures their safety by minimizing the risk of accidents or unintended pedal inputs.
PREMIUM QUALITY WITH PATENTED DESIGN: Crafted with reinforced engineering heavy-duty plastic, embodying the perfect blend of longevity and durability. Built to withstand the test of time, these blocks are meticulously designed to last for years to come, ensuring your investment in quality pays off. Our innovative patented design sets us apart from the rest, offering you a unique and exceptional product that combines functionality, reliability, and style. PAT. 17/749.116.


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