CyclingDeal Bicycle Shoes Cleats Adapters Bundle - for MTB Shoes to Use with Cleats of Road Bike Pedals - Converting Adapters and Look Delta Compatible Cleats Included - Compatible with Peloton Pedals

by CyclingDeal



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WHAT’S THIS FOR: Make your MTB shoes versatile. This set of useful cleats adapters will assist your mountain bike shoes to be compatible with the cleats of road bike pedals. This particular adapter is compatible with Shimano SPD-SL, LOOK KEO, and LOOK DELTA. With these adapters and cleats, you can keep wearing your mountain shoes to ride with road bike pedals and also spin bike pedals such as Peloton Pedals! Saving bucks and no need to buy a second pair of shoes!
LOOK DELTA COMPATIBLE CLEATS INCLUDED: A set of 9-degree float Look DELTA compatible cleats is included. The cleats are made of extra strong and heavy-duty engineering thermoplastic. Great for daily riding. Weight: 52g (pair).
PREMIUM QUALITY ADAPTERS: The adapters are made of High-quality die-cast 6061 Aluminium. Lightweight design for only 260g per pair. Strict QC to make it last. Patented Design, PAT. 17/179,334.
EASY TO INSTALL: Just screw the adapters on the bottom of the shoes and install your road bike cleats on top of the adapters. Then the MTB shoes are ready to be used with road bike pedals! A 4mm Allen Key for the cleats’ installation is included. Please check the video in our product listing for more details.


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