CyclingDeal Bicycle Wheel Truing Stand - Essential Maintenance Tool for Rim Truing with Heavy-Duty Base - Fits Wheel Sizes up to 29", Hub Widths up to 150mm

by CyclingDeal



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VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY - This truing stand is compatible with a wide range of wheel sizes, supporting rims up to 29" with or without tires, rim widths up to 3.8” and hub widths up to 150mm. With its versatile compatibility, it accommodates various wheel setups, making it suitable for work on a variety of bicycles.
COMPATIBLE WITH QUICK-RELEASE & SOLID ALXE HUBS - Suitable for quick-release and solid axle hubs, offering adaptability for different setups. Spin true and ride with confidence with our reliable bicycle wheel truing stand, ensuring optimal performance for your wheels.
ACCURATE TRUING FOR SMOOTH SPINNING - Experience the ultimate in wheel maintenance with our bicycle wheel truing tool. Fully calibrated and tested for accuracy and precision, allowing you to maintain perfect alignment and smooth rotation for a superior riding experience.
ROBUST CONSTRUCTION - Crafted from durable powder-coated heavy-gauge steel, this truing stand offers the stability and longevity you need to keep your wheels in optimal condition, ensuring reliable performance for years to come.


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