Bike Bicycle Grease Injector Gun - Mini Tool for Greasing Bottom Brackets, Headset Bearings, Pedals, Hubs - Compatible with Speedplay pedals Greasing Service Kit

by CyclingDeal


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USE FRIENDLY: A grease gun is used to add lubrication to bike parts, such as bottom brackets, headset bearing, hub bearings etc. The gun injects the grease evenly and smoothly and the removable nozzle to help you clean the grease gun with peace and love.
ONE HAND OPERATION: One-handed operation allows you to hold the parts while greasing them.
COMPATIBLE: Compatible with any major brand grease tube. Grease is NOT included in this package
RECOMMENDATIONS: Screw in the grease bottle completely and squeeze grease in the unit before using. Please clean the nozzle regularly to avoid grease blocked.


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