CyclingDeal Upgraded Formula 2 x 4oz Bottles Bike Bicycle Tubeless Tire Sealant with Quality Injector Kit - Long Lasting, Fast Sealing, Smooth Filling - Tire Puncture Repair Kit for Road MTB Bikes

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UPGRADED FORMULA: A must-have kit for your tubeless tires. Proven to seal punctures up to ¼”/6mm. Perfect to use under almost all conditions. Also works well in temperatures as low as -20Fº /-28ºC. Please refer to the 5th product image in our listing for the recommended dosage. Each package contains 2 x 120ml/4oz bottles of sealant.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Long-lasting, the sealant will last from 60 to 150 days. It features a unique detection mechanism that spots and clogs any puncture before even noticed. Powered by floating particulates, the sealant will not cause a gunky valve.
ECO-FRIENDLY: Ingredients contain Butyl latex, 2-Butoxyethanol, and SBR. It's ammonia-free, non-corrosive and can be easily washed off with water. Fast sealing and smooth filling. Please give it a good shake before use.
INNOVATIVE SEALANT INJECTOR KIT INCLUDED: Industrial-grade sealant injector with 2oz/60ml capacity. Prevent the valve from clogging up. Leak-free design and easy to use, it can draw up and inject sealant much quicker. Works well with a variety of other sealants.


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