CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Tire Levers Removal Tool with Glueless Puncture Repair Patch Kit - Remove Tyre at Ease & Replace Tubes Without Damaging The Wheels - Great for Inner Tube Puncture Patching

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PRO QUALITY TIRE LEVERS INCLUDED: A tire Lever is a must-have tool and an essential handy tool in a toolbox. These premium tyre levers are made of strong, break-resistant POM/Nylon Polymer. Ergonomic design for comfortable feeling and easy tire removal. The unique curved shape and finger grips make it super comfortable to use. Features with spoke hook.
SIMPLE & EASY TO USE: Just carry this light and compact small kit inside your saddle bag or tool bottle. Great for mountain and road bikes with inner tubes. The tire levers are small and very simple to use, so it’s easy to penetrate through the tire. Clip 2 levers all together and find them whenever needed. A precisely machined clip system never fails. We designed those levers after several testings to ensure they can remove different tires from the wheels.
GLUELESS PATCH THAT ACTUALLY WORKS: The most important thing about a patch repair kit is that it should work whenever you need it. We have developed & tested for numerous tube punctures to make it hold the air and fix the tube permanently. Self-adhesive instant repair patches are very easy to use. No more sticky glue and disgusting glue odour. Also, our patches are much thinner than the rubber patches, which means they will not affect your tire’s shape and the tube will perform as new.
HOW TO USE THE PATCH: 1. Find where the air leaking is 2. Use the sandpaper to scrub the area (bigger than 1" in diameter) 3. Peel the paper cover and apply patch 4. Tap the patch by hand 5. Peel the plastic cover & wait for 2-3 mins 6. Pump your tire up 7. Be ready to get back on road!


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