CyclingDeal Bike Trainer Floor Mat - Compatible with Indoor Exercise Stationary Bike Treadmill Elliptical Waterproof Gym Flooring Equipment - Indoor Cycle Stepper - High Density 36" x 84" (91 x 213cm)

by CyclingDeal


36" x 84" (91 x 213cm)

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HIGH DENSITY: Real high density 3mm thick mat which is made of new PVC without odor. The weight is around 10kg or 22 lbs. Size: (3-Foot x 7-Foot) (92 cm x 214 cm). NOT for light equipment such as bike trainer or rollers.
GREAT FOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT: Protects carpets and floors from treadmills, elliptical, stationary Indoor bikes and others. Protects your carpet or floor against dirt, vibrations, wear and tear.
NON SLIPPERY: Mat stays firmly on the tiles and floors. Prevents Trainer from slipping whilst in use. As the mat is made of new materials, it will not leave any marks on the floor after use.
WATER PROOF: The mat is 100% waterproof. It prevents sweat or water drops damaging the carpet and wood floors.


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