CyclingDeal Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Keo - Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set - Fixed Position (0 Degree) - Wide Beam Design - NOT Compatible With LOOK BLADE Pedals

by CyclingDeal


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COMPATIBILITY: The cleats are fully compatible with all LOOK KEO bike system. WARNING: NOT compatible with Look Keo Blade pedals.
STABLE & STRONG: Wide beam design offers a larger contact area, increasing pedalling power and stability. Made of engineering thermoplastic / TPU plastic. Great for daily riding. Weight: 48g (pair).
ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable 3-hole stage resistant arrangement for ultimate stability. Package includes: 2 cleats, 6 cleat washers and 6 cleat mounting bolts. Fiction in between cleats and sole is adjustable. Fixed poisiton suits for experienced cyclists.
NON-SLIP DESIGN: Anti-Slip kratons for extra safety when walking on tile or wood flooring. These kratons also work as wear indicators.
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