CyclingDeal Bike Floor Stand Parking Rack - for 20"-29" Mountain MTB & Road Bikes with Tire Width up to 2.4" - Bicycle Indoor Outdoor Garage Storage - 3 Pack

by CyclingDeal

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3 Bike Rack

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STURDY & STABLE - Our patented design guarantees stability and ease of use for all your bikes, whether you have a road bike, mountain bike, kids' bike, hybrid, or even an e-bike. The bike sits securely, allowing for hassle-free storage and access. Enjoy fully adjustable parking for your bikes with our innovative design. The 3-point tire holding system ensures enhanced stability and heightened security, providing you with complete peace of mind.
IT FITS A LOT - Designed to fit tire widths up to 2.4 inches, this stand is compatible with a wide range of bikes. With a 2-pulley design and adjustable pulley positions, this stand offers a fully adjustable solution for bikes of various wheel sizes. Whether you have a 700C skinny-tire road bike, a 29" mountain bike, or even a small kid’s bike with small 20” wheels, this stand offers a versatile storage solution. Installing your bike is as easy as a quick "slide-in".
PREMIUM DURABILITY - Crafted from powder-coated, high-quality solid steel with anti-rust coating, our bike floor stand ensures durability and stability. It resists scuffing, rust, and weather damage, ensuring a long lifespan. The rubber-protected base and precision-machined joints further enhance its stability, making it perfect for indoor use. This bike floor stand weighs 1.96 kg/4.35 lbs, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution to keep your bike safe and accessible.
EASY ASSEMBLY & USE - With a 2-pulley design and adjustable positioning, this stand is easy to assemble and use. Your bike can be effortlessly secured, making it an essential addition to your bike storage setup. The quality pulley holder system ensures a secure grip on your bike's tire, providing stability and peace of mind. This innovative design is suitable for all types of bikes, including high-end models, without causing any damage to frames, disc rotors, or cassettes.


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