CyclingDeal Compatible With Original Peloton Bike Wheel Extender - Easy To Move Roll Peloton Bike - Great Peloton Extension Accessories Accessory

by CyclingDeal



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COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with original Peloton bike ONLY. NOT for Peloton Bike +. USA patent pending: We developed great extenders for easier moving the bike around.
EASIER TO MOVE: It is very hard for a person who is not tall to lift the Peloton bike and move it around your home. The wheel extenders solves the problem. Any person could lift the back of Peloton bike and roll the bike to the corner and save space.
STRONG & SAFE: The extenders are made of full solid aluminum. And they are heat treated for extra strength. It is absolutely safe to use.
NICE LOOKING & RUST FREE: We care about the looking of the bike. The extenders' finish is great. And the bolts are made for anti-rust 304 stainless steel.


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