CyclingDeal Floor to Ceiling 2 Bike Storage Stand - Dual Hanger Gravity Hook Parking Rack Pole Stand for Storing Bicycles in Garages or Apartments - Height up to 10'10"

by CyclingDeal



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HOLD WITH CONFIDENCE - Our versatile stand can extend up to 10'10" (3.3m) in height, and can be adjusted down to a minimum of 1.5m/5'. Designed to securely hold up to 2 bikes with a total capacity of 40kg (88 lbs), that's 20kg (44 lbs) per bike ( Not compatible with heavy e-bikes ), you can trust this stand to keep your bikes safe and sound. Patented Design, PAT. 18/595,465.
TAILORED BIKE STORAGE SOLUTION - Whether you're looking to save space in a garage or an apartment, our floor-to-ceiling 2-bike storage stand is your solution for a sleek, secure, and convenient bike storage system. Experience effortless bike storage with our patented "Easy to Use" locking mechanism, ensuring a hassle-free way to secure and organize your bicycles. Expertly engineered to fit your space and your lifestyle.
PREMIUM QUALITY - Constructed with top-notch aluminium alloy, this stand promises durability and strength. The rubber-covered foot and top safeguard your ceiling and floor against scratches, while the EVA-coated non-scratch hooks ensure your bike's finish remains perfect.
EASY TO SET UP - Installation is a breeze with our stand. It comes equipped with 2 cradles for holding your bicycles, 2 pre-installed knobs for easy height adjustment, and 3 pre-installed mounting brackets to offer versatile cradle positioning. Note: This rack is specifically designed for two bicycles, with 3 mounting brackets to provide multiple setup options. For added flexibility, there are also 2 holes available for floor and ceiling mounting if needed (mounting bolts are not included).


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