CyclingDeal Glueless Bike Bicycle Tire Patch Repair Kit - Bicycle Inner Tube Puncture Patching - Flat Tube Repair Without Rubber or Glue - Great for Mountain, Road & City Bikes Bicycles

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IT WORKS: The most important thing for a patch repair kit is that it should work whenever you need it. We have developed & tested for numerous tube punctures. It holds the air and fixes the tube permanently.
GLUELESS: Self-adhesive instant repair patches are very easy to use. No more sticky glue and disgusting glue odor. Also the patches are much thinner than the rubber patches, which means they will not affect your tire shape and the tube will perform as new.
HOW TO USE: 1. Find where is the air leaking. 2. Scrub the area (bigger than 1" in diameter). 3. Peel the paper cover and apply the patch. 4. Tap the patch by hand. 5. Peel the plastic cover & wait 2-3 mins. 6. Pump your tire up. ( We recommend the CyclingDeal mini CO2 air pump and CO2 Cartridges. Please scroll down to view the products. ) 7. Ready to go back on road!


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