CyclingDeal Multi-Function Bicycle Pedal Wrench 15mm & 9/16" Spanner - 41cm/16" Extra Long Handle Comfortable Grip - Great MTB Road Bike Pedal Removal Tool

by CyclingDeal



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PRECISION MECHANICAL DESIGN - This tool comes with 15mm and 9/16" precision openings, ensuring compatibility with virtually all bicycle pedals that feature wrench flats. The design incorporates 30° and 40° angles, providing the optimal mechanical advantage for efficient pedal removal.
EXTRA-LONG HANDLE & COMFORTABLE GRIP - With an extended 41cm/16" handle, this wrench offers optimal leverage, making pedal removal effortless and convenient. The round, vinyl-dipped handle ensures a comfortable grip that won’t dig into your hand like flat pedal wrenches.
VERSATILE ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS - EXTRA FUNCTION I, Works as a pedal axle tool, specifically designed for 10-tooth pedal spindles, enhancing the tool's versatility. EXTRA FUNCTION II, Compatible with Allen Keys (M6, M8, M10), for removing those pedals that cannot be used with the flat wrenches. EXTRA FUNCTION III, Featuring M24 compatibility for an internal BB tool, expands functionality to internal bottom bracket tools.
STRONG & DURABLE - Made from Cro-Moly steel, ensuring superior strength and durability. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, our pedal wrench is built to handle every turn, providing a reliable companion for your biking adventures.


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