Juin-Tech GT-F Hybrid Hydraulic Disc Brake 4 Pistone Caliper Pair Front Rear Flat Mount

by CyclingDeal



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System: Hybrid Hydraulic Disc Brake System For Road Disc Brake
Material: Forged Aluminum & CNC
Color: Polished Black
Type: Flat mount
Non-corrosive and high stability mineral oil
4-Piston brake caliper. Easy to adjust to the right state, makes the rotor and disc pads more durable
Cables are not included
Package: Front and Rear Caliper, Brake Pads, Attached screws 2x 29mm, 2x 34mm , 2x 39mm, 2x 44mm.
Weight: 301g=0.66lbs
Warranty: One year
Made in Taiwan


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