CyclingDeal Laptop Tray for Exercise Bikes - Compatible with Peloton & Multiple Indoor Exercise Bikes - Stable & Secure with Ventilation Design, Anti-Slip Pads & 360° Rotatable Quick-Release Clamps

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HOLD WITH CONFIDENCE. Upgrade your exercise bike experience with the CyclingDeal Laptop Tray. This tray offers the stability and reliability you need, making it a perfect addition to your workout routine. Crafted from premium quality aluminium alloy, it provides a sturdy platform for your laptop. Hold your laptop with confidence, and enjoy a more productive and entertaining fitness experience.
MORE STABLE. MORE RELIABLE. Our Laptop Tray offers more handlebar positions, ensuring stability and security during your workout. It's compatible with multiple exercise bikes, providing versatility beyond the Peloton. Average trays in the market often have lower handlebars blocked, resulting in wobbliness and limited compatibility, typically suited only to the Peloton. Moreover, typing is not comfortable when using trays with lower positioning found in other products on the market.
ADJUSTABLE ANGEL. Enjoy the flexibility you deserve. Our features 360° rotatable clamps with a quick-release design, accommodating handlebar sizes ranging from 32mm to 40mm. Whether you prefer a flat surface or an angled setup, this tray adjusts to your preferred viewing angle with ease. With versatile handlebar compatibility and adjustable angles, it's the perfect companion for your exercise bike workouts.
ANTI-SLIP & VENTILATION DESIGN. Experience thoughtful design details that make all the difference. Our tray incorporates a ventilation design to prevent your laptop from overheating during your workout. The movable stopper design keeps your laptop securely in place, and anti-slip pads ensure it stays put even during intense sessions. PLEASE NOTE: When placing a computer on this tray, it may obstruct the view of the Peloton screen.
PREMIUM QUALITY. With dimensions of 42cm x 32cm (16.5" x 12.5") and a weight of 2.8kg (6 lbs), it's built to last and withstand your most intense workouts.


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