CyclingDeal Trainer Thru Axle - Bike Bicycle 12mm Rear Wheel Skewer for Indoor - Length 166mm to 178mm Boost -Thread Pitch: M12 x P1.0 - Spacers 2.5mm/6mm/tapered 7.5mm Included

by CyclingDeal

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EXCLUSIVE DESIGN FOR TRAINER: This skewer is a replacement rear wheel skewer and profiled for indoor bike trainer to secure rear wheel perfectly into the trainer clamps. It's compatible with most trainers on the market.
ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: 3 spacers in different widths, 2.5mm/6mm/tapered 7.5mm, are included for flexible combinations to get the best fit between your bike and the indoor trainer.
STURDY MATERIAL: Made from highest quality alloy which is known for its high levels of hardness, sturdiness, and corrosion-resistance.
SPECS: Thread Pitch: M12 x P1.0. Length 166mm to 178mm. Spacers: 2.5mm/6mm/tapered 7.5mm. Compatible with SYNTACE.
ORDER NOW, WORRY FREE! We're so confident about our product quality that we can provide a 1-year warranty! Made in Taiwan.


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