CyclingDeal Road Bike Bicycle 700C Double Wall Alloy Wheelset - Compatible with 6/7/8 Speed Thread-on Freewheel - Bolt-on Axle Front & Rear

by CyclingDeal



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COMPATIBILITY: This 700C road bike wheelset is compatible with a 6-8 speed screw-on freewheel and works with U brakes only. The hubs are bolt-on type.
SPECS: Front Hub: VENZO 36 holes, bolt-on type, axle length 100mm. Rear Hub: VENZO 36 holes, bolt-on type, axle length 130mm, 6/7/8 speed thread-on freewheel compatible. ED Black steel spokes. Brass CP nipples. Internal Width: 20 mm. Fit Tyre Type: Clincher. Valve Hole: 8mm A/V. Brake Type: Rim brakes with CNC braking surface. Weight: 2226g=4.9lbs. Package: Front and rear wheel fully assembled with spokes, hubs, and rim tape.
STRONG AND DURABLE: Sturdily built using quality alloy aluminum. Double-wall rim offers a considerable performance advantage over single-wall rims.
HAND-BUILDING: The whole wheel-building process is finished by hand, spokes tension, receiving more time and attention to getting more perfectly accurate and round, and getting the spoke tensions within a smaller range


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