DNM Damping 3 System Mountain Bike Air Rear Shock Rebound / Lock out / Air Pressure Adjustable AL 7005 Shark/AL 6061 Shock Body 165mm (6.5") x 35mm 190mm (7.48") x 50mm 200mm (7.87") x 55mm

by DNM

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FEATURES: This DNM shock features: Adjustments rebound , air pressure adjustable and lockout (Please note: The shock could NOT be completely locked.) Damper shaft: Dark hard-anodized AL-7075, Ø 10 mm (0.39 inch). Shock Body: Dark hard-anodized AL-6061. Riding style XC /TRAIL, Available size: Eye to eye x travel 165 x 35 mm ( 6.50 x 1.38 inch) 190 x 50 mm ( 7.83 x 1.97 inch) 200 × 55 mm ( 7.87 × 2.17 inch) Weight: 0.4 KG(0.88 Ib) for 165 mm Length.
EXTRA BUSHINGS INCLUDED: Top busing size: 8mm x 24mm; bottom bushing size: 8mm x 24mm and extra bushing 8mm x 50mm length. We have included an additional set of bushings for easier installation, please see 2nd picture. (Please also watch the video in the listing for how to choose the size and install a shock).
QUALITY: Air shock is much lighter than coil shock. This is a great upgrade from the old shock. It is precisely CNC machined to ensure no air or oil leaking.
BAROMETRIC RECOMMENDATION; Weight 120 lbs - Main air chamber 90 Psi, Negative air chamber 50 Psi.Weight 140 lbs - Main air chamber 105 Psi, Negative air chamber 50 Psi.Weight 160 lbs - Main air chamber 120 Psi, Negative air chamber 55 Psi.Weight 180 lbs - Main air chamber 135 Psi, Negative air chamber 65 Psi.Weight 200 lbs - Main air chamber 150 Psi, Negative air chamber 70 Psi.Weight 220 lbs - Main air chamber 165 Psi, Negative air chamber 75 Psi.


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