CyclingDeal High Pressure Bike Bicycle Floor Air Pump With Gauge 500 PSI - Reserve Tank for Tubeless Tire - Suitable Presta and Shrader Valve - Road or Mountain Bike

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Every rider knows how frustrating it can be to inflate a tubeless tyre without a compressor. The Tubeless Air Tank Floor Pump has solved that problem in a simple effective way. Simply turn the lever to 'For Tank' and charge the built in tank to 500PSI. When you are ready, just turn the lever back to 'For Tyre' to quickly inflate the tyre from the tank. This will also function as a normal floor pump. Keep pumping the tire until it reaches the required pressure.

Swivel Dual Face Gauge Tubeless Aluminum Floor Pump
Steel handle
Durable Stainless Braided Hose
6063 aluminum barrel and sleeve
2.5” top-mounted gauge for easy reading
Steel stamping base with non-slip pad
GCT-TU pump head with switchable little lever for Schrader, Presta and Dunlop
Reversible schrader and presta
Fill in “TANK” on pump ,special design for Tubeless Tyre
Max. 500 psi
Fit both types of valves: schrader (American) & presta (French)
Height: 700mm = 27.6 inch
Weight: 2057g = 4.53lbs
Made in Taiwan
One year warranty


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