MICROSHIFT Road Bike Rear Derailleur compatible with Shimano 9 or 10 Speed 11-34t




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microSHIFT was founded in 1999 by a team as the founders of the company, the members of the team came from different parts makers with the experience in bike industry for more than 20 years.Considering the competition in the market we started our first China ( ShenZhen ) factory in 2001, our policy is to get the most competitive cost/ parts together by investment. The mission of our ShenZhen factory is manufacturing, it mainly operate a very general process like plastic injection, stamping to satisfy the demands of delivery from ShenZhen factory and the demands from Taiwan factory. Our company's base is in Taiwan, it operates for more precise hi-tech manufacturing and control all the R&D and marketing activities.


  • Rear Derailleur (Road) Installation Click here
  • Speeds: 9 Speed
  • Max Sprocket: 34T
  • Min Sprocket: 11T
  • Total Capacity: 39T
  • Guide Pulley: steel bushing
  • Tension Pulley: steel bushing
  • Bracket Body: aluminum
  • Plate Body: aluminum
  • Outer Link: aluminum
  • Inner Link: steel / black
  • Outer Plate: steel / black
  • Inner Plate: steel / black
  • Weight: 300g = 0.65lb
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Warranty: One year


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