CyclingDeal One Pair of Handlebar Extenders for Indoor Exercise Bike - Great Handlebar Extension Accessory for Peloton - Compatible with Bicycle Handlebar Grips (New Version)

by CyclingDeal



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EASY TO INSTALL: Our exercise bike handlebar extender is the perfect accessory to enhance your cycling experience. Adjust the holding position to your preference during installation. Shims are included for mounting on different sizes of bars if needed. If your spin bike's handlebar diameter is large enough, shims are not necessary, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Patented Design, PAT. 18/096,566.
EXTRA FEATURE I: Compatible with bicycle handlebar grips ranging between 33mm to 39mm in size. Install handlebar grips on the extender bars with a maximum length of 140mm, providing additional comfort during your workouts.
EXTRA FEATURE II: Designed to accommodate bicycle bottle cages, which can be conveniently mounted at the front of the extender bars. Keep hydration within arm's reach, ensuring you stay focused throughout your ride.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Crafted from premium quality alloy aluminium with a matte finish, ensuring durability and style. Spin with confidence knowing you have a reliable and high-quality handlebar extender by your side.


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