NOVATEC Road R9 Clincher Carbon Wheelset For SHIMANO SRAM CAMPY 8-11s 90mm


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A wind-cheating, 90mm deep Hypertoroidal profile results in a knife edge feel that brings the finish line seconds closer. Full unidirectional carbon fiber rims are light, stiff & aerodynamic.

Super-deep 90mm, wide profile, full carbon rim
Matrisilk structural mesh & Protex 3k enhanced braking surface
Super high temperature tg resin prevents heat distortion
Hypertoroid optimized cross sectional shape
Hand built with stainless aero spokes & DSN nipples
Weight: 1,940 grams/pair

Rim: Novatec R9 Clincher Carbon
Rim Finishing: UD Matrisilk Protex
Type: Road TT
Wheel Size: 700C
Rim Depth: 90mm
ETRTO ERD: 622-19 459mm
Spokes: 16/20 Straight Stainless Aero
Spokes Front: L:8×221 R:8×221
Spokes Rear: L:10×211 R:10×2513
Lacing: F:Radial R:Radial 1X
Nipple Type: Black/2 Red 16mm DSN Alloy
Eyelet/Valve Hole: NO Ø6.5mm
Hubs: XA831SB, XF312SB
Hub Finishing: Black Alloy. Polished
Axle F/R: AL 9x108x100, AL 10x140x130
Cassette Compatible: Shimano/Sram/Camp 8-11 Unique 3in1
Cassette Material: Alloy ABG
Single Rim Weight: 710g
Hub Weight: F:90g R:253g
Quick Release: QR249 Ti
Parts: Brake Shoes, Valve Extender
Warranty: One Year


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