SATORI 31.8mm 800mm Flat Riser Handlebar for MTB Mountain Bicycle Downhill & Enduro AL7050 Aluminum Alloy - 20mm Rise - 7 Degree Sweep


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APPLICATION: Entry level competition racing handlebar.
COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with stem clamp size 31.8mm.
STRONG: Once piece strong handlebar is made of aluminum alloy 6066. It has been heat treated for its strength.
SPECIFICATIONS: Reach: 75mm. Drop: 128mm. Clamp size: 31.8mm. Weight: 310g = 0.68lbs. Width choices: 440mm.
COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all stem with bar clamp size 31.8mm. Suitable for serious off-road riding, like downhill and enduro riding.
PRO LEVEL: Alloy 7050 has a higher hardness and tensile strength over alloy 6061 & 7005. The higher hardness makes it to be machined more difficultly than 6061 & 7005. 7050 offers better stress corrosion cracking resistance and corrosion resistance. It reaches a good balance between weight and rigidity.
RISER BAR: Flat handlebar has a low center of gravity and is inherently suitable for climbing. Riser and sweep features offer better steering and a comfortable posture during riding.
SPECIFICATION: Sweep: 7 angle degree. Rise: 20mm. Clamp Size: 31.8mm. Width: 800mm. Weight: 340g=0.75lbs.
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