SATORI TRIDENT OF Road Bike Bicycle Carbon Fiber Aluminum Alloy 18mm Offset Setback Seatpost Seat Post with Adjustable Clamp 27.2 / 30.9 / 31.6mm x 350mm



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APPLICATION: Great for road bikes and commuting bikes.
CARBON SHAFT: Made of UD (unidirectional) carbon fiber which is twice as strong and tiff as woven carbon fibers, resulting in a light yet strong seat post for the weight weenies. Conveys pedalling power efficiently whithout any loss.
LIGHTWEIGHT ALLOY CLAMP: Head clamp is made of 6066 aluminum alloy to reach the best balance of weight and cost. Adjustable design offers easy-to-set, secure, slip-free saddle positioning, allowing for quick and easy assembly and saddle angle adjustments.
SPECIFICATIONS : Diameter: 27.2 / 30.9 / 31.6mm. Length: 350mm. Minimum Insert: 100mm. Offset / Setback : 18mm. Cradle: 43x42mm. Rise Angle: -5º to 18º. Weight: 270g=0.6lbs (27.2mm) / 280g=0.62lbs (30.9mm) / 295g=0.65lbs (31.6mm)
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