CyclingDeal Mountain Bike Cleats Compatible with Shimano SPD SM-SH51 or SM-SH56 - for Indoor Cycling & MTB - Clips For Indoor Cycling Shoes (Single-Release or Multi-Release)

by CyclingDeal


Color Standard

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COMPATIBILITY - Suitable for Shimano SPD SM-SH51, Look X-Track Series Pedal. Fits various biking shoes. Single release cleats ensure release in one direction only. Great for advanced riders
INDOOR CYCLING - Improving your indoor cycle performance. Mountain biking & indoor cycling with clip-less pedals are suggested.
MATERIAL - The chrome-molybdenum steel body is helpful for your bike activity, comfortable and durable. Pair of 50g.
SINGLE RELEASE - Single direction release ONLY. Release your cleats by twisting your heels in one direction.


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